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The moon

At around 11:00 last night I saw a friend posted "GO LOOK AT THE MOON" on FB. I did of course, and we won't talk about why my kids were still awake at that late hour, but I took them to look with me. I would say it was maybe 20 degrees outside & we weren't wearing much in the way of clothing, but we darted in & out looking up at the sky from our backyard. My son, of course, uses this opportunity to "water the lawn" ugh.. boys.. and my daughter shrieks about the cold so I wrap her in a blanket & hold her out the back door. After we've looked at the crazy black circle around the moon we come back in and get all cozy again and I decide I will attempt to get a picture of it. My nothing fancy digital camera got this shot..

but I found this one on the net.

It's called a lunar halo and it's really cool. Hope everyone got a look at it last night. I kinda like my shot.. it made a cross in the sky and we all know that only God could make a beaut…
This morning I got up at 7:00 a.m. and went for a run around my neighborhood. Then I jumped in & out of the shower in 15 minutes, got dressed & was ready to begin my day! Nope, not me. I cleaned the entire house from top to bottom as well as organizing & decluttering every room I encountered. Nope, not me. I also got my kids up, got them bathed & dressed and took them for an outing in the park.. okay well maybe it's too cold for that anyway.. maybe I baked them a cake or something else those super-duper domestic goddesses do on their days off. Of course, if you know me, you know I am totally full of it. But let's pretend it wasn't me who slept in past nine and hollered at the kids to find a breakfast bar or something. It wasn't me who ate chocolate Santas for breakfast. Let's say I didn't stay in my pajamas until almost noon playing around on the computer & watching useless television. Let's all agree that I would never spend an entire d…

Oh the things my daughter will do..

She knew this morning I was going to tell her to clean her room. It's bad.. I mean like really really bad. She had strep throat just before Christmas and we never got it cleaned up for company so we just kept the door shut over the holdiays. When I went in there yesterday I nearly fainted. It looks like a bomb went off in there. I don't even know how everything she owns ended up in the floor! So this morning before I'd had a chance to say anything, she brings me a letter in an envelope, addressed to me of course. It's covered with Hannah Montanna stickers and hearts & peace signs. I open it and it's a sweet little invitation to a play she is putting on in our living room.. which of course drags on and on til lunchtime and I have a hundred other things to tackle this afternoon. Oh well, I guess her room can be put off for another day.. lol, oh the things kids will do to get out of cleaning their room.

The big surprise

The kids have been asking for a pet for some time now. We had discussed a few different things but in the end we went with a kitten that we got from the local vet. It has been a new experience for us all. The little guy has been named Milo and is quickly becoming a part of our family. We couldn't be happier.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Santa vs. Jesus?

This holiday season I've really been contemplating the whole "Santa" thing. In the past we've always just not been a Santa household. I've never told them that Santa wasn't real, just that everyone decides for themselves what they believe in. We try to focus on the real reason for the season.. Jesus of course. This year, however, my kids seemed to take more of an interest in the Santa issue. There's been more questions about the how and why's of Santa Claus. We've met a few Santas at holiday parties and Christmas programs and noticed how some are um.. let's say "rounder: than others, lol. My sister tells my nephew that Santa is a nice Christian who goes around giving gifts in celebration of Jesus' birthday to tell them of the Good News. I like this, but my kids are old enough to know that Santa must have some kind of magical powers to be able to do this and they tend to liken him to God, which I don't like. I guess it's not an…

Enough to SMILE about

Okay so we all have different parts to our lives right.. there's the spiritual part, the marriage part, the kids part, the career part, the friends part.. and I guess some ppl actually have time to have a hobby?Craziness.

So, anyway, we have all these different areas of our lives where things can go wrong and it seems that we need each one of them to be going pretty good to feel "happy" -right? If one section has become a struggle, a challenge, a battle.. it seems to somehow outweigh the good that is in all the other parts. Why is that? Should we be so absorbed by just one part? Actually we should always be completely consumed with God and our relationship with Him, so let's take that part out of the equation for now.

Why is it when we've been hurt by a friend or a family member forgot our birthday or we've had a fight with our spouse, or things've become very difficult at work, or our child is misbehaving.. (you get the idea).. things all seem to fall apar…

just when Satan swoops in

I hate this feeling.. this feeling of restlessness.. I feel overwhelmed with what all I "should" be doing at this very moment.. instead of enjoying every minute of the holiday & the fact that the Firefighter got to take the day off to stay home with us, I'm battling feeling lazy and then guilt from being lazy. We've been discussing what we want to do - sell our house & find a bigger one, build one out on the family land, just buy a lot & build, or start some major rennovations to the house we have, ugh, like we have time for any of that mess!.. when we get to talking about big decisions like that I just want to run & hide. I hate conflict, I hate indecision, I hate wasting my energy on things that might never happen. I'd much rather just feel peace and stay where we're at. I know that there is no growth w/out change so why do I fight it so much? I just want to avoid stressful times is all.. There's just so much to do and I don't know w…

My words have power.. but this is beyond my control

I've been silent on here since this mess started. I've learned that when you are going thru hard times, this is the time to keep quiet. I heard once that when Jesus was facing trials, He talked less.. and in the worst moments of His life He was silent. He cried out only to God. Since He is our example, I am trying to do the same. I have confided in few trusted souls of my heartache & frustration, but for the most part I'm keeping quiet. After all there is one victim in this story and it's certainly not me! I am merely playing my role in someone else's saga. I must be careful not to make this about me or focus on how hard this has made my life lately. I have to keep perspective. That said, I am aching to write about what I am feeling.. but I must keep it to myself. I am praying for God to give me understanding, wisdom, patience, guidance, discernment.. strength.. and maybe, peace. I know it's all in His hands even if it sometimes feels like it's in mine.…

I have no words of my own today..

"He gives strength to the weary, And to him who lacks might He increases power. Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary." Isaiah 40:29,31

Days like today..

The only thing that can be said about days like today is God is still in control. I can't really say that tomorrow will be better because although today was truely hard, tomorrow could always be worse. And things can always be worse. That's disheartening I know, but there are no guarantees of a happy little life just because we are believers. God promised us an eternity in Heaven with Him, but this is a fallen world and we are stuck in it for the time being. SO.. for the time being.. I'm not going to pray that God will take away the difficult things I'm dealing with because I believe they're there for a reason. I'm not going to ask that God give me an easier day tomorrow. Instead I'm praying that God will prepare me to face any challenges that come my way, just as I do every day. By His Grace, He kept me together today. I know He'll never give me more than I can handle and I just have to hold on to that truth.. even when I feel that's being pushed t…

Negative Nellys

I was faced with a clear case of Fakeness after posting my last blog. It hit me like a ton of bricks too. I guess fakeness is the word for it. It's more of being critical and judgemental of others, but it's the being sweet to their face part that makes it fake I guess.
I've found that I can't be around negativity for very long or I get sucked into it. I don't mean being there for someone. I mean getting dragged down into misery that loves company. People can get so lost in their problems, the things that are stressing them out, that they don't see the dark cloud of negativity around them. Trust me, I know. I've been there. You see it a lot in teaching really. Someone can lose perspective with all that goes wrong on a regular basis. There's so much we deal with that is beyond our control. It's just rolling with the punches sometimes.
Have you ever known someone who just didn't have a single nice thing to say about anyone? How annoying. Don't yo…

as promised.. my chicken salad

I'm not a big cook. I don't pretend to be. But I do know how to make a mean chicken salad sandwich, lol. I got the basic recipe from my mother-in-law who said it is a "to taste" kind of thing with the ingredients. Once I made it and saw how easy it was to just throw things in I was hooked! It's best eaten on a buttery croissant from Wal-Mart & shared with friends. :) Chicken Salad chicken breast - cooked, cooled, cubed apples - chopped celery - sliced chopped pecans big scoops of Miracle Whip & a dash of salt

You Can!

Can you be genuinely happy for another person? Well of course you can. Can you do that and be excited for them & their success without being criticized by others? Maybe. The word "fake" gets tossed around a lot. I used to be one of those people who cringed at so-called "fakeness" or "cheesiness." Now I am just glad that person was "nice." Lol. I've decided that I cannot judge a person's intentions. If they were just being overly nice to butter me up, so be it. I'm not as skeptical as I once was. Maybe that comes from being a teacher. My job requires me to be cheery and smiley on a daily basis whether I feel like it or not. Am I being fake? Or am I just putting on a happy face, letting go of the negative things and focusing on the positive? I'd like to think the latter. No matter what kind of mood I am in, my students deserve me smiling and welcoming them at the door. They deserve a kind word and a hug. They deserve encouragem…

Hope & a Future

Today I want to share something deeply personal. Some of my faithful readers may now be saying that's nothing new, don't you always talk about things that are deep and personal? Lol. Point taken. But today I'm going to open up the pages of one of my many journals and share my intimate thoughts & prayers. I wish I had written the date on it, but I know for sure it was written in our old house so at the least more than 3-4 years ago. Specifically it is a "Your Best Life Now Journal." (This will not be a debate over the worth or value of Joel Osteen's message or intentions. Frankly I don't care what you may think of him, God spoke to me through watching him on television years ago before I had a church family and that is all the matters at the moment.) What I'd written was a detailed explanation of my heart's desires and my dreams. It was an assignment asking readers to "enlarge their vision" not unlike the Prayer of Jabez really. So th…

Being a mom is hard sometimes..

In all the commotion of taking pictures & then eating dinner out & renting movies & spending some family time together, I completely forgot about my DD's surprise tooth falling out. That's why I had such a hard time waking up this morning & understanding what my distraught little girl was talking about. I'd been in a deep sleep with an intense dream going on and there she was standing by my bed on a Saturday at not quite 8:00 in the morning. My first thought, of course, was selfishly "so much for sleeping in ONE day a week.." My second thought was why on earth does she need glitter this early in the morning?! And as her words finally hit home, my final thought was "OH NO! I FORGOT ABOUT THE TOOTH FAIRY!"
My sweet & innocent little princess was asking for glitter to put on her letter she'd written to the tooth fairy. She said that she woke up and her tooth was still under her pillow where she'd put it the night before without s…

Friday the 13th

When I set up our family pictures for a Friday it seemed the logical choice. Friday is the ONLY day we don't have something going on thanks to karate, dance & wrestling practices for the kids. When I wrote it down I kinda noticed it was Friday the 13th but didn't really pay much attention. When today rolled around I'd forgotten completely about the date. Even when I did calendar with my class I didn't really notice the date. I didn't think of it when I'd blown across town after school hitting every red light, getting stuck behind one slow moving semi after another, and being wedged between a huge trailer and a big truck.. I didn't think of it when I got home to find my son still in the shower when my daughter needed to be getting in as soon as we got there. I didn't think of it when I dropped my rather expensive powdery mineral makeup all over the bathroom sink and OF COURSE all over my sweater I'd just changed into so I wouldn't get makeup …

My bestie of 10 years


My husband - the BLACK BELT!

Why would we want to eat TRASH?

"A wise person is hungry for truth, while the fool feeds on trash." Proverbs 15:14

Wow. That just really puts it out there doesn't it. I got that verse from Rick Warren's twitter post this morning & it just jumped off the screen to me. What do I feed on? What is my daily intake? Television, internet, movies, music, all of it. I could definately call most of television today - TRASH! I watch my fair share of my favorite programs, so I would say this is my weakest area. Most importantly, what spiritual intake do I have. Once a week, an hour of church on Sunday morning? Like that's enough? I really believe INTAKE=OUTAKE & Trash In-Trash Out. In other words, these influences in our lives influence us! We should be hungry for truth. What is truth? THE WORD OF GOD! We are basically sitting around eating a greesy cheeseburger made by some kid who probably doesn't wash his hands very often when God has offered us a fat juicy steak, untouched, cooked perfectly …

what plans?

Seems nothing has gone the way I'd planned these past few weeks. Whatever I said I was gonna do, I ended up doing the opposite. I hate that. I'm really not a big planner, but if I say I'm going to do something then I'm going to do it. I don't like being made into a liar. But life has had it's own ideas lately and I've felt like I'm just along for the ride. Not that I ever actually have control. God is the one in control of course, but sometimes I can get to feeling like I have some sense of control over my life. Maybe that's why things start to fall apart at that time - so that I'll be reminded to depend on Him & not my plans. Sometimes I have to be knocked down to get back on my knees where I belong.
That said, I've been disapointed with myself as a wife & mom. I feel like I should be doing better at taking care of my home, staying on top of things, being in control of my household. So much of me goes into my classroom everyday that …


There comes a time when you stop being just friends & become sisters.

I remember reading this quote & thinking how much I wanted that. I wanted friends that I spent every moment with, attached at the hip, knew everything about them & they knew everything about me. I thought that's what that quote meant..

Now I've come to realize, through personal experience, what becoming family with former strangers really means. It's an unconditional love thing. It's not a time thing. It doesn't mean that you get to see each other everyday because life just doesn't work that way. It doesn't mean that you have to know everything that goes on in each other's lives either. It's simply that this girl is your sister- you would do anything in the world for her, and no matter what she says or does, you love her just the same. That's the thing about families - they can hurt you more than the average person can because you've opened yourself up to them, b…

Marching to the beat of her own drum

My daughter was described as "ecclectic" today. I just laughed. We had spirit days this week and today was her favorite: mis-matched day. She picked out her outfit the night before as if she was pulling out what she would wear any day. She even accessorized with funky jewelry and a scarf she pulled out of my closet. I had to get her to help me with mine. She twirled around the living room telling me she wishes she could sleep in her outfit and wear it all the time.
Princess is unique in her own way. She is kinda cooky.. and I love it. I'm hoping her tendency to not be like the other kids will help her stand up to peer pressure in the coming years. I'm hoping she won't conform to the ways of the world but instead continue to pray for God to make her the kind person He wants her to be. I'm hoping she doesn't lose her open-hearted innocence.

I debate letting her have full rein over herself daily. So many times she comes up with this crazy idea and I have to sh…


Wordless Wed~Laughing too hard to speak!


I wish I could pull myself outside of myself sometimes.. get a little perspective. How much easier would it be to go through a rough time if you knew it was only going to last for a little while and that something better was right around the corner! Think of the confidence you would have as you faced each new challenge. As believers, isn't that exactly how we should face anything that comes our way?
My sister told me recently about an insightful moment she had with her baby boy. She was changing his diaper, which can be a huge task for anyone as he is a strong and wiggly baby who has a great set of lungs on him. While she was fighting him & pleading with him to just hold still for one minute- it hit her ---> He doesn't know that this isn't the end of the world - to him it is. She has perspective on the situation and he doesn't. She said she wondered how many times she's whined and thrown a fit about something in her life because to her it felt like the end of…

Someone Else

Did you ever find yourself wondering what it would be like to be someone else? Even if only for a day you could walk in someone else's shoes, see things through someone else's eyes.. To be able to step outside of yourself & see the world in a different way would be amazing.

Often I wonder if the way I perceive things is tainted by past experiences, emotions, fears, and doubts more than by reality. I get annoyed with myself. I don't always like how I handle things or the way my brain shifts into auto-pilot when I'm hurt and my heart goes into self-protect mode by putting up a fortress around it. We get irritated at other people from time to time, no matter how much we love them, so wouldn't it make sense that we'd not like ourselves sometimes too. I mean we do spend an awful lot of time with ourselves & all.

If only there was this magic button we could press when we felt like we were too much of "ourselves" and could switch to being more like som…

The Wall

Pain. It causes quite different reactions doesn't it? Some fight through it and actually enjoy it a little. Others run at the first sign of hardship. How do you react to a painful experience? What do you do when someone has hurt you?
My natural tendency, as wrong as it may be, is to go into self-protect mode. I subconsciously push the pain causer away, become distant & cold, and sort of curl up into the fetal position for a time. I even may nurse my wounds. It's not meant to be holding a grudge or pouting, lol, it is simply a fear of being vulnerable enough to be hurt that way again. I put up a wall so it seems. What's different about me is that it doesn't last for long. After some time of healing from the hurt I jump right back into trusting that person again. Now, I guess the more hurt that comes from one relationship the more time it takes, maybe? I don't know for sure how this system works but I've been asking God to tear my walls down and take my fears …

Who's really in control?

It's an age-old debate. Are we in control of our own lives or not? Some say fate controls the universe & we are simply in it's grasp. Others say God controls everything, including us.
I believe that we are actually in control of so much more than we like to give ourselves credit for. Absolutely God is supremely in control, of everything. However, He's chosen to give us our own free will and we have the freedom to make our own choices and deal with things however we want.
We are not in control of others. It is foolish to believe your manipulations & mind games really work on people. They are in control of themselves. Even if you get the results you are after sometimes, you aren't really ever in control of someone else. So stop trying to be, they'll only resent you for it.
We are in control of our own attitudes most of all. Something that happens to two people the same way will produce completely different reactions. YOU choose how people treat you because it…


I spoke with my students today about 9-11. They had no idea. They were amazed by what I had to say. I told them my story- how I felt that day, how scary it was, how the events unfolded. I told them only an overview fit for the first grade impressionable minds in front of me, but there's so much more to the story..

I was a college student, driving in my little car to Alva. I heard on the radio that something was going on but I didn't pay much attention because I had a lot on my mind. I had exams coming up, projects due, papers to write.. then Michael called. He said that a plane had crashed into some tower or something. He was incredulous but I didn't get it. I turned up the radio when I got off the phone with him and the guy said he was reporting from the pentagon. There was a loud noise & then they didn't know what was going on. By the time I made it to campus I was realizing that things were weird. People were looking around and talking excitedly as they walked up…

it's late

It's 1:19 a.m. Even as I'm typing that I can't believe it. I get up at 5:30. Why am I awake? I'm exhausted of course. Tomorrow is Friday and it's been quite a stressful week even tho it was short one day. We've had open house, school pictures, cookie dough orders due, dibels testing, and my little boy got his first belt promotion in karate Wed night, it was so awesome.

I'm tired. I should be asleep. My honey is on shift tonight. The kids have been in bed since 9. I've milled around the house folding laundry, picking up, wiping off.. I've even gotten ready for bed. I just never went there. Some nights the brain just won't shut down it seems. I saw the Firefighter at dinnertime for a bit. I had friends over so we didn't get to talk much. I miss him. Isn't it crazy how much you can miss someone you just saw? That's the odd thing about being a firefighter's wife.. the sleeping alone thing.. the going to bed alone thing.. it's when…

My Little Man

Superhero flies

This is a short video taken a few years ago while we played in the pool. My little Superhero has always loved the water.. and here his Daddy & Uncle help him to F L Y . . .

It's your choice

Change is inevitable. That's what they say - that nothing stays the same. How can it in this world that is constantly moving. People change. How can they help it? We are constantly influenced by the world around us.. by the people around us. Emotions, experiences, events - they change us. Sometimes we can see it coming. Like seeing two cars headed straight at each other over a hill on a highway. You don't have time to stop it from happening. You yell & yell at them, but they don't listen to you. All you can do is stand there and watch.. and wait.. for the collision. And just like that, things change, just like you knew they were about to. You know in your heart that it won't ever be the same.
It's in our nature to resist change. To hold on to what once was. To desire what you once had. But it doesn't do any good. You can't get it back. It's time to move on now. If you try to hold onto someone who is trying to get away you waste your time and energy a…

TOTALLY random! lol

We don't always get to choose the people in our lives. Sometimes they choose us. In fact what are the odds that the person who you most adore will adore you the most back? Rare, I'd say.

I like to seek out the good in people and there's certain qualities I admire: honesty, loyalty, sincerity, generousity, kindness, straight-forwardness, character, grace.. but the people we gravitate toward aren't always ones with these same qualities. In fact they may be lacking in what we value, but rather are outgoing, charming & full of witt or sarcasm or humor. It's the people who, for some reason, when we leave their presence, we feel good, and we're not sure why. These people want everyone to like them and they usually succeed. I mean, how could you not? They are fun to be around. It might be that these people have qualities that you wish you had. The problem with that is that they have lots of friends, and only ever let maybe two or three really "in." So whe…
School is back.. so is dance on Tues with karate Mon & Wed.. crazy evenings trying to squeeze everything in and still get to bed at a decent time.. waking up early.. encouraging the kids to "hustle" in the mornings so we can get out the door and get in the car line at my son's school then rush a few blocks over to park and run in the door at mine & my daughter's school.. promising myself that I won't stay very late after school today in my classroom then rushing off to p/u the Superhero from daycare and frantically trying to get dinner on the table before the Firefighter gets there.. aching feet, back pain and HEADACHES!! GERMS are back.. with my sore throat & cough leading the way.. the feeling of fatigue & mental exahustion and stress wearing me down.. weekends feeling like a total God-send and Mondays feeling like a small idea of hell on earth..

What's gone is my time, a clean house, empty laundry hampers, my brain, sleeping in, lazy days, l…

Celebrate - 8 years of marriage

On August 18, 2001 I married my best friend. My Dad walked me down the aisle. I was wearing my Grandmother's wedding gown and holding a special bouquet from my amazing new mother-in-law. The best man, my new brother-in-law, played a song written just for us as we lit the unity candle.

Our wedding day is here. Sooner than we'd planned. It wasn't as we expected. Time has sifted like sand..
And it really doesn't matter now. Cause I know that we were meant to be. Only love can make this difference -cause this change in me. And our two hearts, join together as one. Our two hearts, joined together as one..
I look forward to every day, to see your smiling face. We'll live as God intends and be sustained by grace..
We were just twenty years young and had a hard road ahead of us. By the time 2004 rolled around we had two kids and I had just graduated college. For our five year anniversary we got to go to a resort in Jamaica to finally have a real honeymoon. Yes, we had humble b…
When you're faced with a challenge, what do you do? Do you run and hide? Do you face it head-on? Do you pray harder or try to bargain with God? What if you can see the storm coming off in the distance and you know it's about to hit but there's no escape. Like you hear the train coming around the track and you're unable to move so all you can do is stand there and wait to be struck with it.
Is it, perhaps, a battle to fight? Is it God being the potter and you the clay? Is it a test? Is it just the consequences of a fallen world? Is He using you to help someone?
When you see difficult times coming, how do you prepare? Falling completely apart, crying like a baby and feeling deeply sorry for oneself seems to be the likely option. However, God calls us to stand firm in faith. To face adversity with a knowing that God is on our side. It goes back to "God will never give me more than I can handle" and "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Toy snake proves to be dangerous

So Princess is sitting on the couch watching TV even though I've hollered twice now that it's time to get ready for bed. I'm on the computer at the moment so the kids know they won't get an immediate reaction to their ignoring me. Grrrr.. Then all of a sudden I hear this piercing, blood-curdling scream! I bolt through the door to find her having a complete come-apart. She's screaming and shaking and I'm in a complete panic. I finally get out of her that she's popped herself in the face with a rubbery toy snake. After some time, I get her eyes open and see that it's the left eye that's taken the brunt of the attack. It is red, blood shot, and glassy.
It is determined eventually that she's okay. I give her some Motrin and get her laying down in bed with a cold washcloth covering her eyes. The firefighter gets home from karate and checks her all out adding an icepack to the treatment. I tell her if it's not better in the morning then we'll g…

Remembering to breathe

Here it comes again.. the anxiety. Deep breathing can't seem to supply enough oxygen and I feel this nervous energy taking over me. My heart races at the thought:
school starts next week.

It's excitement too of course. I can't wait to meet all the new little angels in my life who I will be caring for, encouraging, challenging (and who will be challenging me.) I can't wait to see my students from the previous years too. I love watching them go by marveling at how much wiser and more mature they are, and thinking perhaps I had a small hand in that. I'm looking forward to being around teachers again - the only other people on earth who truely know what I feel and how completely all-consuming this "job" is. It's nice to be a part of something that matters, to be working together for a common goal, and to be building together the future, which is too deep to comprehend. They are my life-line from August to May.

It's not a feeling of dread really, more of …

Special Pillows

Today my little SuperHero received a special package in the mail. He was so excited! For me?! He couldn't believe there was something for him in the mailbox. I gave it to him and he tore into it. Out pops this cute little Tooth Fairy Pillow with a special pocket to put his lost tooth in. (He's so proud to be big enough to have lost his first tooth!)

Also inside was a letter from the Tooth Fairy herself. It had sparkles (fairy dust) on it. As I read it to him he giggled and said whoa over and over. His sister sees it and of course runs in the other room to get her prized letter from the Tooth Fairy & Tooth Pillow that she received back when she first started losing teeth.

These can be special ordered with your child's name & everything. Just go to to see the whole line of products. We have personalized pillowcases for each of them as well as the tooth pillows and my kids love them.

Great gift idea for all ages! Easy to order from the webs…

Sunday's sermon really got me thinkin

There are two kinds of battles we fight in this world. The first kind (the kind I like) are the ones where God calls us to be silent, stand firm, and let him do the fighting for us. This is our Salvation.He has given me everything. All I had to do was take it. He has done it all. All I had to do was say Yes!

This is the battle the Israelites were fighting when God parted the Red Sea and beat the Philistines. Moses only had to have Faith! I love when Faith is all that is required don't you?

Then further along in Exodus you find another kind of battle for Moses. The Amalekites attacked. Now this fight required more than Faith, it also required action. Moses said that he would stand on the top of the hill with the staff of God in his hands. As the battle ensued Moses held up his hands as he said he would. When they were raised, the Israelites were winning. When he grew weary and lowered them, they were losing. Now, my favorite part of this story is that Moses wasn't alone. He had t…
Good when He gives, supremely good; Nor less when He denies:Afflictions, from His sovereign hand, Are blessings in disguise.

White Water Rafting

While we were on vacation with my family in Colorado, my dear husband & brother-in-law decide that we HAVE to go on a float trip through the Royal Gorge. My sister and I have never done any rafting before so we nervously agree. When we get there, the guide is telling us it is a 15 mile, 13,000 ft drop with Class 1-4 rapids. He calls it a half-day Intermediate course. Intermediate? I believe we're beginners. As panic sets in my sister picks up her Bible and finds a verse for us to meditate on before we go.

"I call upon the Lord and He answers me, He will calm all my fears." Psalms 34:4

So I start saying this over and over as I struggle into a wetsuit (which is, in itself a ridiculous task.) We board the bus and adorn ourselves in life jackets, booties, and helmets. The guide then tells us we shouldn't need our helmets just yet, the bus ride should be pretty safe, lol. He explains what to do should we run into trouble. As he goes into the procedures for self-rescue, …