Tuesday, November 16, 2010


What a big milestone for my sweet 8 year old. Princess competed this weekend at Dance Master's of America. It's her first time to ever do a solo and I didn't know if she'd actually be able to do it or not. She can be so timid and nervous sometimes that I was secretly afraid that she might just run right off the stage (like some poor sweet little ones actually did.) I held my breath as she skipped out on the stage-too early. They'd sent her out before the girl had announced her. So she ran backwards off the stage and then came out again when they said her name. Poor girl. As her music started, my heart plummeted into my stomach where it stayed the entire performance. Every nervous glance to the sidelines and hesitation made me feel like I'd been punched in the stomach. I was so proud of her though. She never gave up. She kept smiling thru the whole thing and kept on dancin' even when she was unsure of what came next. She was disappointed afterwards. She kept saying she forgot a part. The whole thing was such a learning experience.. for both of us! Driving 5 1/2 hours away trying to work a friend's Tom Tom and read Yahoo Maps directions was extremely stressful, but I was glad to get some one on one time with my girl. We had a fun time together. I'll never forget it. I did make some notes on things to remember for next time.
1. Print a map of the route, return trip & around the town as well as driving directions to & from.
2. Bring snacks! I don't know how many times I wished I'd have thrown a granola bar or bag of chips in my bag.
3. TAKE THE DAY OFF - sub pay schmub pay, doesn't matter. It's too much to do in one day.
4. Check credit card's expiration date before leaving town, lol.
5. Buy a GPS
6. Go ahead and record performance using your phone. You won't get in trouble.
7. Have Princess practice in a large open area, preferably the studio every single day. Don't let her practice in the restricted space of the living room.
8. Find SOMEONE to go with you if at all possible.
9. Don't forget the cord to the laptop so it won't go dead on you and you can get some work done during the classes :P
10. She's not the only one who needs her sleep during this crazy time. GO TO BED EARLY! And GET SOME COFFEE every opportunity you have!

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