The moon

At around 11:00 last night I saw a friend posted "GO LOOK AT THE MOON" on FB. I did of course, and we won't talk about why my kids were still awake at that late hour, but I took them to look with me. I would say it was maybe 20 degrees outside & we weren't wearing much in the way of clothing, but we darted in & out looking up at the sky from our backyard. My son, of course, uses this opportunity to "water the lawn" ugh.. boys.. and my daughter shrieks about the cold so I wrap her in a blanket & hold her out the back door. After we've looked at the crazy black circle around the moon we come back in and get all cozy again and I decide I will attempt to get a picture of it. My nothing fancy digital camera got this shot..

but I found this one on the net.

It's called a lunar halo and it's really cool. Hope everyone got a look at it last night. I kinda like my shot.. it made a cross in the sky and we all know that only God could make a beautiful scene like that. Thank you for the wonderous beauty you share with us Lord, it is much appreciated.



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