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Which path to take?

When faced with a fork in the road how do you know which path to take?
As a believer you are supposed to listen for God's leading, but how do you know? When the decision between two good things comes how do you choose one over the other?
My dilemma is a challenging but familiar vs easier-going but new. Do I trade connivence for relationships? Do I choose what I want over what would be easier on my family?
The more questions I ask the more questions I get. So many big decisions I've been chewing on for awhile now. We've made a few and moved forward with those choices but another one comes right around the corner. This is stressful for someone as indecisive as me, LoL.. I've found that avoiding the decision and doing nothing is the easiest, but that is in itself making a choice too. It's choosing what is already there over what is in front of me. It's choosing what feels safe and known over the unknown. I don't have an aversion to change really, I just want t…

For people wondering about my tmj

It occurred to me that I haven't updated on my condition since it improved. Isn't that always how it is? I've adjusted to life with the splint as I did 5 years ago when this all started. I am able to eat most things now with it in besides things like steak, brisket, roast, etc. I am sleeping thru the night with the upper nighttime splint which is was a big adjustment. The headaches have decreased both in number and intensity. My neck pain is barely noticeable and my face pain only comes in waves instead of constant like before. I still have some jaw joint discomfort regularly but nothing compared to the searing jolts of pain I had a few months ago.
Overall I am considered 80% healed as long as I'm in a splint at all times. What fun. I still have to travel to Norman every few weeks to the specialist and will receive treatment for the rest of the year at least. The hope is, after this first year, that I will eventually be able to wean down to only wearing the upper night…

The Peach Keeper

Guess what??!?!!
I got asked to join a Book Club! :D
If you're a person like me.. who loves to read, a lot.. then you are excited with me! If not then just skip this post and consider me what I've always been - a booknerd! ha!

Anyway, this is my dream come true. So for the first book, The Peach Keeper was chosen. We met for dinner and discussed this book, other books, our favorite books, had some small talk and some laughs and I am even more excited now than when I got asked to join, yay!

So, this book was just okay. I mean it was an interesting story and all, it just wasn't the best written thing I've ever read. There were some characters that just didn't make sense to me and some events that weren't followed up on and left me hanging.
I'm glad I read it though because I enjoyed the main characters and their interactions with each other. I wish it would've focused more on the friendships between the women.
I'd read it again I think, well IF I…