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When coming from a place of distrust, conflict will be ever-present because everything is being viewed through that lens. You will see anything they say and do differently than you would if that distrust was not there. The mind is so powerful and it interprets our sense of reality according to it's own precepts. This is why people can see things so very differently - we all have different experiences in which we draw from. Someone can be genuinely trying to do right by you but you won't receive it - you can't receive it - until you have dealt with your unforgiveness and are able to have an open heart toward them.

This is so contrary to my flesh to do this. I tend to be very open and trusting until I am hurt bad enough by someone that my heart closes off. I am in self-protect mode. That person can't hurt me now but they also stand no chance with me either because my heart has become hard and cannot receive it. My distrust taints everything they do from here on after. No…