Happy New Year!

2009 sure seemed to have gone by in the blink of an eye. At the same time, it seemed like so much happened in that one year that it's almost like it was a few years instead.

We brought in the new year up in the mountains of Taos, NM with my husband's family. It was a wonderful way to spend our holiday! We found out when we got back that my sister-in-law was pregnant again. Yay!
Princess turned 7 at the end of January and we re-did her room. We said goodbye to all the Disney Princess stuff and hello to a big-girl room. Then, soon after, my sister gave birth to her second child - my FIFTH nephew - on her own birthday! It was the first time I'd ever experienced the miracle of childbirth! (I'd had c-sections for my kids and never even been in labor before.) I was so glad I got to be in the delivery room with her! Wow!
It was a crazy grass fire season. The firefighter was called out a lot and there were some scary close calls at the department. We were on the news multiple times for how many miles had burned up around here.
In March, a crazy thing happened. It snowed enough that our school district actually closed for a snow day! It was unbelievable. Everyone said it couldn't happen! What a fun day! We played in the snow all day building huts, snowmen, etc.

April brought an AWESOME concert with one of my close friends. It was the Rock and Worship Road Show and we had special passes! We were so excited to get to pick our seats on the second row down front and then go meet Mercy Me! It was the coolest thing ever & I'm so glad she let me be a part of it with her! I fell in love with Tenth Ave North that night and got high-fived by the lead singer of Hawk Nelson! The best part was FlyLeaf's performance, but Mercy Me was amazing too. I was giddy and floating on air by the time we left.. wow.. I'll never forget it!

So much happened in May that I could write about. First of all, my birthday was memorable, fun, and made me feel very loved & special. I was surprised with a party by my family and a fiesta with my friends the following weekend.. they are all amazing and I am so blessed! My daughter had her first dance recital on Mother's Day and it was such a fabulous weekend for us all. Then, after another school year had ended, I went back to my hometown for my class 10 year reunion. I had so much fun catching up with old friends.

We decided to really go all out celebrating The Firefighter's birthday this year. We had a week long palooza with something for him everyday, then finished off with a BBQ at our place.

My family reunion followed and I'd have to say it was the best one yet. We had a blast! We left there and drove to the airport for our beach vacation in Pensacola Beach, FL.
It was the first time the four of us had done that. I loved returning to our beach and finally taking the kids to see it. Portofino was absolutely beautiful!

Another monumentous occassion came after we got home. I got a new car! I'd been driving my lil Honda Civic for about 8 years and it was time to upgrade to a SUV. It was just in time for my big roadtrip with the kiddos. My old yearbook staff from high school had a reunion at our former advisor's house in Dallas. I had such a wonderful time catching up with all my yearbook family and the kids enjoyed staying with my Grandma during that time.

We spent our lazy summer days at the new waterpark in town, out on the lake with the in-law's or at friend's houses. Then it was time for my family's Colorado vacation! We loaded up two RV's and headed to Canon City. I white water rafted some class IV rapids which was absolutely insane, and my kids got to see the Royal Gorge for the first time. That was such a special week for my family and I'll never forget it.

Soon after a new year of school had started, the Superhero turned 6 and we welcomed nephew #6 into the world! He looks just like his brother and is a precious little miracle. We also visited my grandmother at my birthplace and got to see two of our cousins who we hadn't seen in well over 10 years. It was a tear-filled, joyful reunion to say the least.

This new school year presented some new challenges for me. At times I felt like giving up or that it was more than I could handle. It has been a period of personal growth and a deepening of faith. And I know that I've gotten through it thanks to my amazing family, my co-workers, and my friends.

The Ladiez bring laughter and FUN into my life and I love them for that. We've had great times, heartache, and tons of memories this year and we've come through it knowing we can lean on each other. My life wouldn't be complete w/out them!

My sister & her family moved two hours away this fall. It's been even harder than I imagined it would be on both me and the kids. We were so used to seeing them everyday and the kids were so close! I miss that baby boy of hers so much it hurts. My sister is my best friend, there is no one who knows me better or who I trust more. Not having her here to hang out with or chit-chat with or confide in is heartbreaking. We enjoyed spending the holidays with them and were so glad they came to stay with us. It was so sad to watch them go. I miss the four of them everyday.

This year had it's share of fun times and amazing moments. There were times I was so full of joy that I thought my heart would burst. I also experienced the joys and the heartbreaks of many friends.. wishing there was something I could do to lessen their pain but knowing there wasn't. Relationships were put to the test and came out stronger and I became closer to some important women in my life. The Firefighter had an outstanding year of accomplishments ranging from passing his EMT-I to becoming a blue belt in jiu-jitsu. I stood by, the proud wife, when he received trophies from tournaments. I also was a very proud mother with Princess getting the Citizen of the Year award at school as well as the Superhero getting his first belt in karate. I can't believe so much was packed all into one year of my life here on earth and all I can do is praise God for his mercy & his grace. He pours so much blessing out on me and I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and my love for Him!

My New Year's Resolution is to make it all about Him & me this year. I look forward to growing in the Word and faith He bestows on me as I face any new challenge that comes my way! Farewell 2009.. Happy 2010!



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