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missing Daddy

The Firefighter works 48 hour shifts. That's two whole days without the Man-of-the-House. We see him briefly for dinner, but we really get to missing him at night.The kids cope in various ways from sleeping in our big bed with me or sleeping with stuffed animals he got them, going up to the fire station or calling him..
..and my favorite - wearing his clothes. They especially like ones from his hamper or the fire department ones, they tell me those smell most like him. Precious angels.

Bedtime Prayers:
God, protect our Daddy while he is away. Keep all the firefighters safe tonight. Be with all their families too. Thank you for giving us the bestest Daddy in the world. Amen.


Interviewing the kids about DAD:

1.What is something Dad always says to you?
Princess: umm no?
Superhero: NO

2. What makes Dad happy?
Princess: me not lying
Superhero: me playing with him

3. What makes Dad sad?
Princess: lying
Superhero: us hurting him

4. How does your Dad make you laugh?
Princess: by throwing the biggest pillow at brother
Superhero: by tickling me in the chest right here

5. What was your Dad like as a child?
Princess: loving on his momma & his daddy
Superhero: (giggling) I don't know!

6. How old is your Dad?
Princess: 28, is that correct?
Superhero: 28

7. How tall is your Dad?
Princess: big?
Superhero: firty-one pounds!

8. What is his favorite thing to do?
Princess: ehhhhh love on me
Superhero: sneak up on us

9. What does your Dad do when you're not around?
Princess: fights fires, go to Wal-Mart
Superhero: put out fires

10. If your Dad becomes famous, what will it be for?
Princess: like if he wanted to be a UFC fighter, and he won, and he got lots of trophies
Superhero: be…


Ask your children these questions and record their answers. This is really funny...especially with the younger ones. Delete my answers and give your kids the survey too.

Who are you giving the survey to name/age/grade
Princess, 7, 2nd grade
Superhero, 5 1/2, kindergarten

1.What is something mom always says to you?
Princess: umm, we'll see
Superhero: NO

2. What makes mom happy?
Princess: me not lying
Superhero: me not lying

3. What makes mom sad?
Princess: lying
Superhero: doing a bad thing

4. How does your mom make you laugh?
Princess: ummm.. i don't know
Superhero: tickles me

5. What was your mom like as a child?
Princess: ooh that's a tough one, um funny?
Superhero: you getting silly putty & making it like poop and your Dad saying "POOP!" (giggling uncontrollably, sheesh..)

6. How old is your mom?
Princess: twenty... ummm.. eight!
Superhero: 68 (wow)

7. How tall is your mom?
Princess: shrugs, hey what does that say? shurgs?
Superhero: 31 pounds (HAHAHAHA)

8. What is her favorite th…

not so Princesslike

Princesses are known for being kind, sweet, full of grace and honor.. honest. Tell that to my little girl who has just lied to me for the second time in a month. Last time I warned her that - lying is wrong, God says it is a sin, it hurts my feelings for her to lie to my face like that, I can no longer believe her or trust her, she'll always be in twice as much trouble for lying than she would be for just confessing, and of course.. that she'll get a spanking/grounding. Well apparently that all went in one ear & out the other.. or perhaps she needs me to PROVE that I mean business. That's according to the 'Strong Willed Child' book by the amazing Dr. Dobson.. the book that has become my instruction manual for Princess. It said that you have to earn the respect of your SWC at times. She could be simply saying to me "I don't think you're tough enough to be the boss of me."

This time is a pretty major offense. She cut her hair. I don't know ho…


Had lunch today.. which is, of course, something I do everyday. The reason it matters today is because of the people I had lunch with.. my girls.

It's a simple thing really- to make time to get together with your friends, to make an effort to stay involved in each other's lives, to let them know you are there for them. So why is that such a difficult task sometimes? Well there's jobs, kids, spouses, family, obligations, chores & errands that can get in the way of good intentions. Which is a part of what makes our group so amazing.

All together between us we have 21 kids.. and a new little one arriving in September. Today at my humble home we had 13 of them running around. The oldest is my Princess who is 7 and the rest are 5 & under. That's a pretty crazy time as I'm sure you know. We don't get much visiting in while we're chasing toddlers around, but between shrieks & giggles we get caught up as best we can. It's just the fact of being theret…

Don't put off to tomorrow what you could do TODAY

It's Tuesday morning and I hear the kids giggling and sneaking down the hall. They're with one of their cousins who stayed the night. I already hear talk of what each wants for breakfast and what they want to play afterwards. I see beside me a scattered mess of papers & some of the most random objects like old remotes, cords, a broken dvd player, screwdrivers, a charm to one of Princess' many necklaces. I think to myself why am I so unorganized and messy.. and lazy. I could throw out the usual excuses about how it's my summer off and we've been gone a lot and I just haven't caught up yet, but the truth is I just haven't done much WORK the past two months. I've let it all slide, doing just enough to get by. Sure I start out all gung ho when I wake up in the morning, takling little jobs left & right, but then I get distracted. Sometimes it's playing with the kids, other times it's playing on the computer. I've accepted any social invit…
Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

It's not my darling sweet daughter who threw a ridiculous fit this morning when told "no" about her idea of inviting about 10 or so friends over to act in her musical. Noooo that wailing heard all around the neighborhood did not come from our house. It was not our Princess screaming "NOT FAIR!" and hurling herself down on her bed before I'd even had my coffee. She's much to obedient and well mannered for that. Oh also, just so you know, it wasn't my children standing in the front yard in their underwear with a bucket claiming they wanted to have a water war in the street. It must've been the neighbor's kids.

Yearbook Reunion

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking part in something that really meant a lot to someone very special to me.. my high school yearbook advisor, trusted teacher, mentor, and now friend. Mrs. Scoggins was not your typical teacher.. pun intended for my Hookerites :) She was inspiring, encouraging, caring and creative. I was so blessed to work under her direction. Together we soared to new heights receiving national recognition and awards usually given to big schools with big budgets. I would not be who I am without her influence and the experiences I had on the yearbook staff at Hooker High. My love for writing flourished and my affection for photographs grew. I was at home in this group even if I didn't fully know it at the time. We were a family.
What Eddy & Marilyn had to endure before finally leaving Hooker is simply not fair. The way they faced trials with strength, character, and integrity is an inspiration. I feel a sad sense of loss for Hooker schools and the student…

Florida.. part deux

We weren't sure if we'd get to take a vacation this year. We knew there would be lake trips with the Wickwares and RVing with the Robertsons. Plus with the decline of the oil field leading to some missing supplemental income we thought it might be best. After looking at our savings though and the amount of vacation time the Firefighter needed to burn before July, we decided we'd go ahead and do a get-away of sorts. We quickly decided to do as we'd promised for years and take the kids to our beach in Florida. We'd gone, just the two of us to Pensacola in 2004, which was our first vacation together. I'd flown over the ocean, but I hadn't gotten to meet it yet. Let me tell you it was love at first sight! Since then we've traveled to Jamaica, Hawaii, and Mexico and have the routine down. Sleep in, drink coffee, put on swim suits, cover my hubby's body in sunscreen, grab the beach bag & go. We usually spend the days with me soaking up the sun and him…