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My sister's sister-in-law

So I really wanted the Vikings to go to the Super Bowl. As if AD wasn't enough, ya got Brett Favre too! The game last night was ridiculous! Best game I've seen all year I'd say. What excitement! Would've been better if we'd have won of course. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack with how back & forth it was.
Then there's my sister's sis-in-law, Amy, who I think actuallty did have a heart attack.. or at least cause anyone within hearing range to have one, LOL. She's the biggest Favre-freak I've ever seen. Check out her reaction to the end of the game with only 7 seconds left..

Always makes me smile

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my friends? That's all that's really on my mind tonight to share so I'll just say it again. I LOVE MY FRIENDS. I simply adore them. I often wonder if I am just overly emotional or need to be better at playing it cool or if losing a friend in the past has made me a little more appreciative than most.. I don't know. I just feel my loyalty and desire to care for them take over me so strongly sometimes and I'm like a momma bear comin' after someone who's messed w/ my cub! LoL.
A phone call from one of my girlfriends can seriously make my day. A get-together of any kind makes me feel like I can conquor the world. I feel so extremely lucky to have those girls in my life. I miss them 5 minutes after they leave. I've come to depend on them. I always enjoy our time together and they build me up like no one else can. I appreciate each one's distinct strengths and weaknesses and personality quirks. I know without a shadd…

My karate kid :)

Happy New Year!

2009 sure seemed to have gone by in the blink of an eye. At the same time, it seemed like so much happened in that one year that it's almost like it was a few years instead.

We brought in the new year up in the mountains of Taos, NM with my husband's family. It was a wonderful way to spend our holiday! We found out when we got back that my sister-in-law was pregnant again. Yay!
Princess turned 7 at the end of January and we re-did her room. We said goodbye to all the Disney Princess stuff and hello to a big-girl room. Then, soon after, my sister gave birth to her second child - my FIFTH nephew - on her own birthday! It was the first time I'd ever experienced the miracle of childbirth! (I'd had c-sections for my kids and never even been in labor before.) I was so glad I got to be in the delivery room with her! Wow!
It was a crazy grass fire season. The firefighter was called out a lot and there were some scary close calls at the department. We were on the news multiple tim…