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Monday's blessings

Monday. It's Monday again. Why is it Mondays are so... challenging?

Lucky for me, I have the bedtime routine with my sweet angels. No matter how manic my Monday is or how bad any day is, I have this to look forward to.

Princess is reading a Charlie and Lola book to her brother in her best Brittish accent and he is loving every minute. I don't understand how parents don't read with their kids anymore. Such precious moments they are missing out on. (Nevermind that children who learn to love reading do way better in school than those that don't.) After she finishes, Superhero picks up his little kindergarten phonics reader and takes his turn with his big sister praising and encouraging every word so much that he tells her to please be quiet! Lol. The last part is my favorite. Now its time for our bedtime prayers. :)

Superhero is always praying for others. His prayers go something like this:

Dear God, thank you for the food and this fine daaaay.. thank you for my family and my…

March Madness

March Madness!

No, I'm not talking basketball.
This term has a whole different meaning to teachers.
Dr. Seuss week, parent nights, PTO, Benchmark Tests, Quarterly Assessments, Report Cards, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Inventories Due, committee and grade level and faculty meetings, and the beginning of the long 4th nine weeks.. it all makes March a whirlwind of chaos it seems.
Add to that the barrage of birthdays, baby showers, spring break plans-trying to fit everything and everyone in that fast week and of course taxes..
Today I'm celebrating that I'm almost thru it.. only 3 more days to go til April. Now starts the long to-do lists to finish out the year, no more breaks after Easter. Life is about to be even more fast-paced and frantic. Now I've started compiling memory books and planning for science lessons and ordering butterflies. Now I've started building in my head the pile of things I "HAVE" to get done this summer. Now I've started daydreaming of…

Joy found

Recently I've come to think that I am growing old in reverse. They say age aint nothin but a number, right? Well I was a serious, deep, painfully shy kid. I got hurt easily and felt misunderstood. I struggled to be "perfect" and got very down on myself when that didn't happen. Such a stark contrast to the person I turned out to be! Each year I feel I understand myself better and am so much more FREE to be me! I am usually light-hearted, joyful, spontaneous, up-for-anything and vivacious. I love life! God has filled my cup and I am so full of love that it bursts out of me! I verge on cheesiness at times, but that's okay. Life is so much more fun to me now. I just don't sweat the small stuff anymore. The down side is that I'm not as structured, organized or on top of things as I once was. I sometimes am not as responsible and I forget stuff.. but gone are the panic attacks, anxiety, and discontent. Sure my life is stressful, even more so now actually, but I…

To-do lists

My Princess likes to keep a schedule. If I tell her that we might go to so & so's house the next day or start on a certain project or something, I know I better make sure I mean it! She freaks out if something doesn't go according to plan or we change our plans on her. If she were to lay out shorts to wear to school but in the morning we'd gotten a blizzard, she'd be very likely to resist my trying to reason with her that she should now wear jeans, lol. She dislikes change or spontenaity. I found a to-do list in her room for what she was planning to do this weekend. It said:
1. put on make-up, be a rockstar 2. wrestling with dad! 3. paint

Her Daddy is a list maker and planner and needs things to be very structured and organized. He writes things down so that he can check it off as he goes. There are all these little pieces of paper laying around all the time with things he wants to get accomplished that day, that week, that month, etc. I drive them both crazy I'm a…

Thankful Thursday

What am I thankful for?

the sky so clear today with that bright, shining sun
that reminds me that the long winter and another school year is almost done
the air I breathe, the sounds I hear, and the sights I see
all the love, the wonderful smiles, and hugs from my family
the time I get to spend this week with nothing important to do
sleeping in late with the hubby and locking the door somtimes too
making memories with our children and letting them stay up late
going places we've never been and new things on our plate
fun times with good friends and the adventures yet to come
sharing our lives together, knowing it's someone to depend on
the past, present & future.. and that it's all in His Hands
Jesus-my rock, my shelter, my fortress.. my escape from the world's demands
my home, my church, my pastor.. and many more grace-filled blessings
my tears, my hope, and my laughter.. in short.. everything.

Kids say the darndest things.. but what if you're not listening?

At dinner tonight my DH was talking away about something and I suddenly got this strange feeling. I realized that while the two of us were deep in conversation, our dear children were completely tuned out. I looked at our daughter and she was decorating what was left of her enchilada with the rice on her plate. Our son was prepared for this, he'd snuck in two small Star Wars Lego figures, oh what are they called.. Stormtroopers, that's it! He was staging this big battle with them and the remaining food on his plate. I wondered how long the Firefighter & I had been talking about "grown-up stuff" and been totally oblivious to the sweet precious little lives we had sitting next to us. Tears came to my eyes as I thought of all the mommies out there who are wishing for just one more word from their baby..

It's the moments like these that we waste everyday. Adults so often see themselves and their discussions as important and what kids have to say as not as importa…