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Marching to the beat of her own drum

My daughter was described as "ecclectic" today. I just laughed. We had spirit days this week and today was her favorite: mis-matched day. She picked out her outfit the night before as if she was pulling out what she would wear any day. She even accessorized with funky jewelry and a scarf she pulled out of my closet. I had to get her to help me with mine. She twirled around the living room telling me she wishes she could sleep in her outfit and wear it all the time.
Princess is unique in her own way. She is kinda cooky.. and I love it. I'm hoping her tendency to not be like the other kids will help her stand up to peer pressure in the coming years. I'm hoping she won't conform to the ways of the world but instead continue to pray for God to make her the kind person He wants her to be. I'm hoping she doesn't lose her open-hearted innocence.

I debate letting her have full rein over herself daily. So many times she comes up with this crazy idea and I have to sh…


Wordless Wed~Laughing too hard to speak!


I wish I could pull myself outside of myself sometimes.. get a little perspective. How much easier would it be to go through a rough time if you knew it was only going to last for a little while and that something better was right around the corner! Think of the confidence you would have as you faced each new challenge. As believers, isn't that exactly how we should face anything that comes our way?
My sister told me recently about an insightful moment she had with her baby boy. She was changing his diaper, which can be a huge task for anyone as he is a strong and wiggly baby who has a great set of lungs on him. While she was fighting him & pleading with him to just hold still for one minute- it hit her ---> He doesn't know that this isn't the end of the world - to him it is. She has perspective on the situation and he doesn't. She said she wondered how many times she's whined and thrown a fit about something in her life because to her it felt like the end of…

Someone Else

Did you ever find yourself wondering what it would be like to be someone else? Even if only for a day you could walk in someone else's shoes, see things through someone else's eyes.. To be able to step outside of yourself & see the world in a different way would be amazing.

Often I wonder if the way I perceive things is tainted by past experiences, emotions, fears, and doubts more than by reality. I get annoyed with myself. I don't always like how I handle things or the way my brain shifts into auto-pilot when I'm hurt and my heart goes into self-protect mode by putting up a fortress around it. We get irritated at other people from time to time, no matter how much we love them, so wouldn't it make sense that we'd not like ourselves sometimes too. I mean we do spend an awful lot of time with ourselves & all.

If only there was this magic button we could press when we felt like we were too much of "ourselves" and could switch to being more like som…