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Always makes me smile

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my friends? That's all that's really on my mind tonight to share so I'll just say it again. I LOVE MY FRIENDS. I simply adore them. I often wonder if I am just overly emotional or need to be better at playing it cool or if losing a friend in the past has made me a little more appreciative than most.. I don't know. I just feel my loyalty and desire to care for them take over me so strongly sometimes and I'm like a momma bear comin' after someone who's messed w/ my cub! LoL.

A phone call from one of my girlfriends can seriously make my day. A get-together of any kind makes me feel like I can conquor the world. I feel so extremely lucky to have those girls in my life. I miss them 5 minutes after they leave. I've come to depend on them. I always enjoy our time together and they build me up like no one else can. I appreciate each one's distinct strengths and weaknesses and personality quirks. I know without a shaddow of a doubt that I've found the coolest chicks on the planet and that no one has better friends than mine! :)

Since we're all human, I've lived and learned about who to trust with what and who not to tell certain things. None of us is perfect, and sometimes the freedom to just be ourselves has stepped on a toe or two. But I've also learned that it's not the end. They're still here.. despite changing circumstances and hurt feelings.. despite misunderstandings and thoughtless words. They are family to me and I will never throw them out. It's an amazing thing, to be invested in someone's life when you have no obligation to be. It's a true sacrifice to give your time and energy to someone besides your family. It is a blessed woman who has girlfriends, who experiences that kind of sisterly bond. It definately complicates your life at times, but it enriches your life as well. And nights like tonight, when I'm just sitting here peacefully, they come to my mind and it always makes me smile.


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