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So I'm a Curly Girl too?

I never thought I had curly hair. I knew it wasn't straight, but when I saw beauties like Nicole Kidman wearing their hair in golden ringlets cascading down their back I knew I didn't have hair like that. I'd call mine "naturally poofy" or "a frizz-ball" or just a natural pain in the butt. LoL
My mother dealt with the thick wavy mess by feathering it and using a curling iron to subdue it. My grandmother permed it every summer I visited. Sometimes we chopped off. This had kids saying I looked like a boy so I was quickly convinced to grow it back out. It was a mess. Not knowing how to care for it left me brushing, blowing, tying, and smothering it in an effort to tame it. I was always frustrated. Then came the steaming combs and irons. I fried it into submission. I fought static electricity, frizz and split ends like crazy. I learned if I kept it in a short bob I could control it. My ends curled under easily so it worked. If I ever attempted to grow it ou…