Santa vs. Jesus?

This holiday season I've really been contemplating the whole "Santa" thing. In the past we've always just not been a Santa household. I've never told them that Santa wasn't real, just that everyone decides for themselves what they believe in. We try to focus on the real reason for the season.. Jesus of course. This year, however, my kids seemed to take more of an interest in the Santa issue. There's been more questions about the how and why's of Santa Claus. We've met a few Santas at holiday parties and Christmas programs and noticed how some are um.. let's say "rounder: than others, lol. My sister tells my nephew that Santa is a nice Christian who goes around giving gifts in celebration of Jesus' birthday to tell them of the Good News. I like this, but my kids are old enough to know that Santa must have some kind of magical powers to be able to do this and they tend to liken him to God, which I don't like. I guess it's not any different than the tooth fairy really. As you well know, my kids definitely believe in her. I guess that one doesn't bother me because I don't feel like it's stealing God's glory like Santa or the Easter bunny, which quite conviently come on the most important Christian holidays. I guess my approach to all this is to keep pointing my kids toward Christ and downplay all the make believe business. I don't want to take the fun or magic out of their childhood, but I feel like God is miraculous enough to inspire that same kind of awe. I will say that they were very much in awe when Santa pulled them up in his lap for a picture at the Fire Department Christmas party.. and I think that's okay as long as we keep the focus on Jesus.. during the holidays.. and always.


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