Friday the 13th

When I set up our family pictures for a Friday it seemed the logical choice. Friday is the ONLY day we don't have something going on thanks to karate, dance & wrestling practices for the kids. When I wrote it down I kinda noticed it was Friday the 13th but didn't really pay much attention. When today rolled around I'd forgotten completely about the date. Even when I did calendar with my class I didn't really notice the date. I didn't think of it when I'd blown across town after school hitting every red light, getting stuck behind one slow moving semi after another, and being wedged between a huge trailer and a big truck.. I didn't think of it when I got home to find my son still in the shower when my daughter needed to be getting in as soon as we got there. I didn't think of it when I dropped my rather expensive powdery mineral makeup all over the bathroom sink and OF COURSE all over my sweater I'd just changed into so I wouldn't get makeup on it by pulling it on, lol. In fact, the thought didn't even occur to me until we were just about to leave, by some miracle, barely able to make it on time and my daughter suddenly LOST A TOOTH! Yes, it was at that moment when I'm looking at her with blood all over the place and a shocked look on her face that the date flashed thru my head... duh duh duh.. duh.. IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH! After getting her cleaned up and literally running to the door yelling at my DH to please get off the playstation & join the kids in the car, we took off across town (once again) to meet the photographer. Frantic, frazzled, stressed, and as always so tired, I put my best smile on my face and tried to think happy thoughts. Even though our beautiful little girl had an overly cheesy now-toothless grin and we had to fight our son to put the sticks, leaves, bark, pine cones, rocks, flag, sticky tac and pocket knife down long enough to snap a shot here & there, I think they'll turn out good. As my DH lectured me about how much all this is gonna cost I thought to myself, I will always remember this day. :)


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