Celebrate - 8 years of marriage

On August 18, 2001 I married my best friend. My Dad walked me down the aisle. I was wearing my Grandmother's wedding gown and holding a special bouquet from my amazing new mother-in-law. The best man, my new brother-in-law, played a song written just for us as we lit the unity candle.

Our wedding day is here. Sooner than we'd planned. It wasn't as we expected. Time has sifted like sand..

And it really doesn't matter now. Cause I know that we were meant to be. Only love can make this difference -cause this change in me. And our two hearts, join together as one. Our two hearts, joined together as one..

I look forward to every day, to see your smiling face. We'll live as God intends and be sustained by grace..

We were just twenty years young and had a hard road ahead of us. By the time 2004 rolled around we had two kids and I had just graduated college. For our five year anniversary we got to go to a resort in Jamaica to finally have a real honeymoon. Yes, we had humble beginnings and we've come so far from that day. And I wouldn't change a thing!

I think it's important to celebrate every chance you get. Celebrate each year of marriage because you've defied the odds once again! Celebrate each year you've been on this earth because each day is a gift! Be thankful for every single moment because this moment is your life!
Celebrating 8 years of marriage!!! Ya-hooooooooo! :)



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