Marching to the beat of her own drum

My daughter was described as "ecclectic" today. I just laughed. We had spirit days this week and today was her favorite: mis-matched day. She picked out her outfit the night before as if she was pulling out what she would wear any day. She even accessorized with funky jewelry and a scarf she pulled out of my closet. I had to get her to help me with mine. She twirled around the living room telling me she wishes she could sleep in her outfit and wear it all the time.

Princess is unique in her own way. She is kinda cooky.. and I love it. I'm hoping her tendency to not be like the other kids will help her stand up to peer pressure in the coming years. I'm hoping she won't conform to the ways of the world but instead continue to pray for God to make her the kind person He wants her to be. I'm hoping she doesn't lose her open-hearted innocence.

I debate letting her have full rein over herself daily. So many times she comes up with this crazy idea and I have to shoot it down with my mean 'ol logic & reasoning. She doesn't understand why I won't just let her wear the clunky tennis shoes with her church dress and a hoodie over it, lol. She's always been that way. I remember huge battles over making her wear pants to leave the house when she was just two. She had her underwear, pajama shirt & boots on after all. She'd even put on a hat.

I forsee many more struggles for control in our future. Sometimes I think she just finds it amusing to see me try to come up with reasons why she can't do crazy things. There are times when I just give in because I can't think of a good enough reason not to. It was fun to give her all the power to pick whatever she wanted to wear for a change. Today celebrated her free-spiritedness. I am thankful for days like today.


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