To-do lists

My Princess likes to keep a schedule. If I tell her that we might go to so & so's house the next day or start on a certain project or something, I know I better make sure I mean it! She freaks out if something doesn't go according to plan or we change our plans on her. If she were to lay out shorts to wear to school but in the morning we'd gotten a blizzard, she'd be very likely to resist my trying to reason with her that she should now wear jeans, lol. She dislikes change or spontenaity. I found a to-do list in her room for what she was planning to do this weekend. It said:
1. put on make-up, be a rockstar
2. wrestling with dad!
3. paint

Her Daddy is a list maker and planner and needs things to be very structured and organized. He writes things down so that he can check it off as he goes. There are all these little pieces of paper laying around all the time with things he wants to get accomplished that day, that week, that month, etc. I drive them both crazy I'm afraid with my laid back nature. If I make a list, it's just to remind myself of what all HAS to be done RIGHT NOW since I didn't plan ahead very good, LOL. I'm so thankful for the "born organized" people in my life that help me along. Not sure yet which side Superhero will take, but he seems to be content to just do whatever we tell him and doesn't feel the need to be in control all the time like his sister. So maybe he's like me. The four of us, with our very different personalities are lucky to have each other, that's for sure!


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