March Madness

March Madness!

No, I'm not talking basketball.
This term has a whole different meaning to teachers.
Dr. Seuss week, parent nights, PTO, Benchmark Tests, Quarterly Assessments, Report Cards, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Inventories Due, committee and grade level and faculty meetings, and the beginning of the long 4th nine weeks.. it all makes March a whirlwind of chaos it seems.
Add to that the barrage of birthdays, baby showers, spring break plans-trying to fit everything and everyone in that fast week and of course taxes..
Today I'm celebrating that I'm almost thru it.. only 3 more days to go til April. Now starts the long to-do lists to finish out the year, no more breaks after Easter. Life is about to be even more fast-paced and frantic. Now I've started compiling memory books and planning for science lessons and ordering butterflies. Now I've started building in my head the pile of things I "HAVE" to get done this summer. Now I've started daydreaming of the sun, the ocean, outings with the kids, visiting family and fun times with friends. I feel like I'm climbing into a roller coaster I know I've ridden before and I kinda remember what's coming but that doesn't stop the nervous excitement as it starts and I can begin to see what's up ahead. This is the downhill.. it's coming.. and it's exhilarating! Time to hold on tight and enjoy the ride!


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