Thankful Thursday

What am I thankful for?

the sky so clear today with that bright, shining sun

that reminds me that the long winter and another school year is almost done

the air I breathe, the sounds I hear, and the sights I see

all the love, the wonderful smiles, and hugs from my family

the time I get to spend this week with nothing important to do

sleeping in late with the hubby and locking the door somtimes too

making memories with our children and letting them stay up late

going places we've never been and new things on our plate

fun times with good friends and the adventures yet to come

sharing our lives together, knowing it's someone to depend on

the past, present & future.. and that it's all in His Hands

Jesus-my rock, my shelter, my fortress.. my escape from the world's demands

my home, my church, my pastor.. and many more grace-filled blessings

my tears, my hope, and my laughter.. in short.. everything.


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