Monday's blessings

Monday. It's Monday again. Why is it Mondays are so... challenging?

Lucky for me, I have the bedtime routine with my sweet angels. No matter how manic my Monday is or how bad any day is, I have this to look forward to.

Princess is reading a Charlie and Lola book to her brother in her best Brittish accent and he is loving every minute. I don't understand how parents don't read with their kids anymore. Such precious moments they are missing out on. (Nevermind that children who learn to love reading do way better in school than those that don't.) After she finishes, Superhero picks up his little kindergarten phonics reader and takes his turn with his big sister praising and encouraging every word so much that he tells her to please be quiet! Lol. The last part is my favorite. Now its time for our bedtime prayers. :)

Superhero is always praying for others. His prayers go something like this:

Dear God, thank you for the food and this fine daaaay.. thank you for my family and my Ben 10s and my Legos.. I pray for Dadda, Momma, Al-weee, Jessi, Gabe, Jaxon and Jett.. Tony, Tessa, Beau and Noah, Pappy and Nannnnn.. Papa and Memaaaaaa.. Joce-awyn, Chelsy, TJ and Jesse.. Bay-we and Jackson and Ashley.. Megan, Josh, Jaidyn and Jakobi.. (uhhhh, Momma who'd I forget?) oh, Blake and my teachers and for Parker's family and Spencer's tonsils and... uhhh Amen!

Princess' prayers are more focused on herself and her little world:

Dear Lord, thank you for this day and all you give to us. I pray for Nana's knee to be all better, and for me to do good on my spelling test and on my rocket math and help me to be the kind person you want me to be.. help my sweet crazy brother not to be bothering me and help all those sick people and help them to be the kind person you want them to be.. thank you for my family.. for Jessi, Gabe, baby Jett and baby Noah, Jaxon, Beau and Tony and Tessa and Pappy and Nana and Papa and Memaaaa.. and for forgiving us. Amen.

Sometimes I think they are better at it than me. Thank you God for my little angels and the way they remind me of the simple and purest way to pray.. from the heart.


  1. We have a simple prayer that we pray to the guardian angel Shannon but before we tell God about everything we want to pray for..and it is just precious and amazing what comes out of their mouths and minds.....your kids are precious and I love reading your blog!!! Wish we taught at the same school...I know you are an amazing teacher too from what I hear!

  2. Thank you Tara, I appreciate it. I wish we worked together too, I hear you're pretty great yourself :)


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