Double wedding weekend

First of all let me say that the Firefighter was on shift all 48 hours of Friday/Saturday. It always seems to fall that way doesn't it.
We had a wedding to attend in the city Friday night. This being a family friend affair my childcare options were nil for that day. This was a problem because the kids didn't have school that day but I did. I finally found a friend who let them stay over there. Which, btw, her child ended up having strep-throat so we will see if we escaped that one or not.. but I was sure grateful she kept them for me!
After the unspeakable insanity of the day, I picked up the kids and road-raged catching every single red light on the way home leaving myself about 30 mins to be changed & ready for the wedding, not to mention have both kids ready as well. It was 2 hours away so I was applying make-up in the car as the Firefighter drove us. The ceremony was lovely and we even got to try an appetizer at the reception before we had to dash. We got home before midnight and he went back to work as the kids & I went to bed.
The next day I drove an hour away (and back)to meet my mother so she could keep the kids for me while I attended another wedding. I got home, got ready in a flash & the Firefighter, my Bessstest & I hustled to the next town for wedding number 2. He actually got to eat the meal this time before he had to get back to the FD. I had a wonderful time with my best friends and was so glad to be there but man I was dragging the next day. We left early to go get the kids from my parents.. another 2 hours of driving.. and spent the rest of the day trying to get caught back up on everything. Now I've started the week already wore out. Just glad we got thru this one. Looking at the calendar for the coming month has me nervous that we'll even survive the rest! ha, you think I'm joking but I'm totally not =/



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