just another bump in the road

Here we go again. Substitute called in. 2 hr drive. Stressful heavy traffic. Anxiety producing exams. Back home by dark.
Today was supposed to be the start of the weaning off the splint process. Just the daytime splint of course. The nighttime one is a permanent fixture in my world. However, due to my lack of sleep, the stupid stubborn rib, and the awful tension headaches of the past month Doc has decided to delay it. He says if we can get all that stuff ironed out then I can start the process on Nov. 1st. Fingers crossed.
It is a very detailed, structured plan with five stages. The first is going without the appliance for one hour after each meal. If no symptoms return and no pain worsens that week then I move on to stage 2 and so on.
Best case scenario would be if months from now I am able to have my teeth touching again by some miracle with no reoccurrence of symptoms or back-sliding. This is only a fantasy for me I'm afraid. Five years ago when I'd made it this far, my bite was off but at least I wasn't in pain.
I'm just hoping I don't have to climb in that cubby thing with my head strapped to the backboard and the x-ray machine circulating around my head slowly while I fight to stay perfectly still again for a long long time..The good news is that looking at those scans today he was able to see signs that the bone is starting to regenerate around the damaged joint on the right side. Hopefully this means the joint will be strong enough one day to prevent another dislocation or further damage. 
Long story short, the journey continues.
Best thing I heard all day? I don't have to go back again until FEBRUARY. Hallelujah



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