Which path to take?

When faced with a fork in the road how do you know which path to take?
As a believer you are supposed to listen for God's leading, but how do you know? When the decision between two good things comes how do you choose one over the other?
My dilemma is a challenging but familiar vs easier-going but new. Do I trade connivence for relationships? Do I choose what I want over what would be easier on my family?
The more questions I ask the more questions I get. So many big decisions I've been chewing on for awhile now. We've made a few and moved forward with those choices but another one comes right around the corner. This is stressful for someone as indecisive as me, LoL.. I've found that avoiding the decision and doing nothing is the easiest, but that is in itself making a choice too. It's choosing what is already there over what is in front of me. It's choosing what feels safe and known over the unknown. I don't have an aversion to change really, I just want the decision made for me. How crazy is that? I don't want any choices in life? Why am I that way? Life would be so much easier for me if I was more decisive.
God give me discernment and courage to walk thru the doors YOU have opened for me. Lead, guide and direct me toward YOUR WILL. Don't let me mess it up or get it wrong.


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