a funny story that could've been not so funny..

Today I left my pain release splint sitting on the bathroom counter. The longest day ever and I leave my stupid mouthpiece at home!!! AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH! Seriously!?
How?-my hubby asked.. well maybe it's because I have a bajillion things on my mind at the moment & trying to make sure I had report cards, conference summaries, retention forms & work samples ready on top of lesson plans, IEPs and oh idk.. LUNCH planned had my brain on overload. Not to mention it being a FD day so I'd have to get Nana to help out after school. So anyway, the point is, I left it.
By lunchtime, I can barely move my neck. I'm gnawing on my lasagna while talking to my pod-pal and I decide that my ibproferen is not going to cut it today. I will take a muscle relaxer as well.  I've done this before, no alarm here. However, as I open the bottle I ask my dear friend, "uh, did I already take this?" She says she's not sure & I shrug as I take it and keep talking. We laugh about how bad it would be if I accidentally took 2 of them..
About 15 mins later I'm walking back to her room after getting my class off to electives and before I can say anything she says "you took 2 didn't you?!" I drawl out "mmmaaaayyyybbbeee?" and we contemplate my options. I'm sure I'm going to have to go home at this point.. on a conference day??!?! really!?!??! So I use my 40 min planning time to eat anything I can find & drink a ton of water while working on some papers. By some miracle, I was feeling nearly normal by the time the kids came walking back in my room. I still don't know if I took 2 or not, or if it was maybe just taking the meds at the same time before I'd eaten much or what. But -Thank you, God, for getting me thru today. Conferences went well and I left smiling. Against all odds.. now.. where did I put that splint?



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