sneaking a moment

Right now my kids are in lunch and I'm sitting here with tear-filled eyes as I sip my lukewarm chicken broth. I've decided to not work on anything for the moment and read my daily devotional. Now that's done I just feel the need to jot a few frantic feelings down. First of all, my jaw hurts. Okay enough of that, I know. But I just want to feel sorry for myself for a moment. My stomach is growling at the food I haven't ingested this week and I'm sick of the runny muck that I have. Second of all, I'm frustrated. Here it is the start of March Madness for teachers and on top of it all, I can't eat or sleep or think straight. I really don't need this hurdle, it's already hard enough. Thirdly, THANK YOU GOD.. I'm struggling but I haven't lost focus of his grace that it hasn't gotten so bad that I can't even talk. How sad I would be if I couldn't read my beloved Dr. Seuss stories this week to my students. Alright, time to go get my kids. Deep breath.. here we go.



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