Picking up

I got to pick my babies up from school today. I love that I get to do that this year. Their school gets our an hour later than mine so it works out perfectly. I love being the one that has them hopping up & down and waving excitedly when I pull up. I love getting to be the first one to hear the stories and details of why today was the 'best day ever'. For my son it's all about the food. He says the burritos are phenomenal. He says they taste like from our favorite restaurant and he went back for thirds. He really likes his teacher, but last year's teacher gave them icing so she's still winning for now. LoL. For my daughter, it's all about how she feels. She says her teacher is super cool and a girl told her she was pretty today & braided her hair. They are both very happy at their new school and I couldn't be happier. Knowing you made the right choice is one of the best feelings in the world.


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