Ready or not..

School has officially begun for me. I have 2 whole insane first days under my belt now and 172 to go. Despite various other challenges facing me this year, I have FOUR students with the same name- yes I said FOUR! All but one have the same spelling and two of them have the same last initial. Not sure what I will do with that yet.
Not allowing myself a second to mourn the loss of peaceful, laid back summer, on Monday I plan to hit the ground running. I'm starting phonics lessons & all kinds of assessments. My room is organized and tidy and I have the first few weeks planned out already. I also brought all my student workbooks home and tore out all the pages & sorted them by chapters/lessons for the entire year.

It's my 5th year of teaching first grade and I feel like with all I've already been thru, I'm capable of handling anything.

Yep. I'm ready alright.
Bring. It. On.


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