Little Moments

Today was a fun day at home with a little errand running. The days that the Firefighter comes off shift and we get to be all home together are always my favorite. Funny how appreciative you are of your time when you've been missing one another. 
It was the Diva's first day back at dance. After planning her "perfect outfit" she jumped right in to the new hip-hop class which she absolutely loved.

Then we went to the kids' Back to School night. My Superhero walks right in the door and walks with his head up taking it all in. He acts like he owns the place, lol. My sweet girl, however, is so nervous. She's had different experiences than he has, not that she wasn't already timid enough to begin with. She looks at her feet and shuffles along clinging to my side like she's starting kindergarten not 4th grade.

After seeing their classrooms, talking to every single person in the building (because we actually know them all), and having some cookies, she's finally loosened up. They go play on the playground awhile and then we say our goodbyes and head back home.

I am overwhelmed by a sense of peace here. I feel so excited for them to be going to this school, together for the first time. Each time I walk through those doors I feel more convinced we made the right decision.

I am anxious too see down the road.. our new home, our new daily lives. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us next. For now, though, I will enjoy the little moments that are leading us there.



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