Momma-Jakey day

Since the Firefighter is at the station and the Diva is at a birthday bash, I get to spend some Q.T. with the Superhero. So far we've fought back tears together after dropping sister off, returned home to snuggle on the couch, played with his Barrel of Monkeys (in which he made up all new games with), watched several episodes of Power Rangers and had our special mutual favorite lunch - tomato soup & grill-cheeses (which of course his is a boy-cheese he says :) Now we've cleaned up the kitchen and settled back in our covers on the couch to rewatch The Neverending Story. Though I have a lot of chores to do, I plan to thoroughly enjoy this special day with my son. He's been calling this "a special Momma-Jakey day" which just melts my heart of course.. as does pretty much everything he says and does. There's something so special about the mother-son relationship isn't there?



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