Quality over Quantity

Instead of talking about what's bothering me and writing about feeling down, I've just deleted everything I wrote. I'm starting this blog entry over. I'm pushing the negative stuff away and focusing on blessings.
My husband said to me tonight that I may not be very well known or remembered by the thousands like some people, but what I do have is maybe better. I have real true relationships with the people in my life. I'm not outgoing so I don't strike up a conversation everywhere I go. I'm no good at small talk. I'm not the type that would make a friend from a stranger in a store. I am more reserved, shy you could say.. unless you get to know me.. then you would laugh at me for calling myself shy! Ha! ;)
I love people. I love all the quirks and personality traits that make each person unique. I love people who make me laugh, who are my opposite.. outgoing and love to be the center of attention. I love the quiet dependable types who are good listeners. I love the wise ones who never have a bad thing to say about anybody. I just love being surrounded by people who are kind and caring or who make you feel like they've really got your back.
I don't know everyone in this town, it's true. But the ones I do know, I love with all my heart. And the ones that know me.. are like family to me, blood, there's nothing I wouldn't do for them. I'm loyal to the core because it really means something to me to be a friend, to actually get to know someone, to let someone into your life. I invest in others and I give pieces of myself to them. Instead of being spread out over lots of people, I am giving more of myself to fewer people. You could call it quality over quantity I guess. I give so much of myself at school each day, and then at home, that it's probably good that I don't have too many people to keep up with, lol. I think I'll continue this way. Instead of seeking out new people and trying to be known by everyone, I'll just keep pouring my time & energy into the amazing people that God has blessed my life with. They deserve my best.. and besides there's no one I'd rather give myself to.



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