Being a teacher..

Being a teacher inspires me to push myself beyond what I think my limitations are. I am always amazed when a challenge presents itself and then it is gone. How did I get thru that I wonder? God is my clear answer. I pray every morning that He will prepare me for any challenge that comes my way, that he would give me the tools to do the job He's called me to do. The teaching field is the place where caring so much for people is a good thing. I see why God gave me a heart bursting with love for people and so sensitive to hurt and pain. In the adult world it feels almost like a weakness of mine. But here, among His dear children I see where I belong. I see my purpose.
Being a teacher makes me a better person, it makes me stronger, tougher, more compassionate and less critical, less quick to judge. It leads me to show affection, appreciation, and thankfulness. It helps me see the bigger picture and stress less over small details. It forces me to be more flexible, caring, and passionate about what really matters. Teaching pushes me to lean on God more and myself less. It guides me to seek Him in the morning before a choice has been made. It means I smile more, even if sometimes it's forced, smiling makes you feel better whether you want it to or not. :) Being a teacher shoves me outside of my comfort zone and makes me more outgoing when I would normally be a shy, timid thing. I am more grateful for every blessing as well as more aware of them. Yes, life is more complicated, and definitely more stressful during the school year, but I have a purpose, a goal, a passion to work toward. I feel I have a bigger place in this world with such immense responsibility as caring for God's children, and guiding our future generation! It is easy to see that I work for God and not for man! He is the one I am serving when I serve others.
So while I am sad to see summer go, I am excited to see what amazing things God has in store for me this time and know that I will be changed by what comes my way. I pray that He'll help me to face challenges head on and be a blessing to those around me.


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