Schoooooools OUT for sum-mer!

SING IT WITH ME NOW! That's right - SCHOOL IS OUT!!!! Don't call me teacher, just call me a mommy!!!
It has now been a full week since the last day of school and I'm starting to feel more relaxed and less anxious. I know that all my stuff is in boxes, being moved today I'm told, but I'm not sweating it. It will all be ready in August or it won't. Nothing I can do about it so why stress, right? Right!
So far, we've had a big schindig out at the in-laws, visited my sis in OKC, and I've gone to see SATC 2 with my girly-friends.. a good start to the summer if you ask me.

Things are speeding up soon as I look at the June calendar. Hubby leaves on a rafting trip in Colorado tomorrow so we'll be loading up and going back to the city to spend time with my sister & nephews while our men are gone. Then we have a bday party to get back for on Saturday. VBS starts Sunday and I'm teaching the 1st grade with a friend. Storytime at the library has also begun so we have that Tues & Wed for the next month or so, of course karate on Mon & Weds as always and Princess' solo practice sessions begin the next week. We also have the Robertson Reunion to look forward to.
We don't have any big vacation plans this year since I got to go to Vegas! w/ the ladiez and he's going white water rafting with the guys. We hope to take the kids back to Great Wolf Lodge at some point tho. I know we'll have lake trips with his parents, lazy days at the waterpark, and visits to family this summer. It will go by too fast. It always does. Then August will come out of nowhere and I'll be unpacking into my new classroom. I'm so excited to see what the next year holds!
So much to squeeze into a short 2 months, I don't know how it got booked up so fast. Plus I have a long to-do list, trying to get caught up, feeling like the summer is the only time I can really get anything accomplished.. where to even begin???

But for now... I think I'll tap a nap.. ;) HA! I could if I wanted to, just knowing that makes me smile! It's summertime alright.. sweet, sweet summa-time!


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