What's an egg hunt w/out a 4-wheeler?

This was an Easter to remember! I'm so thankful for my in-laws and all the thought & work they put in to making Easter special for the kids. We had a scavenger hunt with clues inside of plastic eggs that were hidden all over the family land. Superhero & I teamed up, Princess with her Daddy and my b-i-l & s-i-l took their 4 yr old with them. We recieved our first clue and the game began! We ran out to our 4-wheelers and took off to the shop! As we read the little poems inside the eggs together, Superhero would breathlessly point out words he knew and squeal when he understood where we were going next. He bailed off the 4-wheeler and sprinted to find the next egg. If he saw a member of another team off in the distance he would jump up and down and yell "hurry Momma, they're gainin' on us!" His excitement made it an experience I'll never forget. By the time we had clue #10 and had made it back to the house to find the grand prize, I just knew this would be a new tradition in our family. The kids had a blast.. and so did the adults!


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