Reading thru my recent posts I see a trend.. a heavy heart. I'm dealing the best I can with things right now, and just need grace from the people in my life to let me have time to find my way back to my usual happy-go-lucky, positive self. Spending this weekend with my children, my sister & my sweet nephews has certainly helped. We laughed about a little song that Superhero used to sing all the time. He made it up himself and used his fingers to make a little man dancing while he sang it. Since it brought a smile to me, I thought I'd post it so I'll never forget it. There were many other verses but this one is the one that sticks out in my mind.

My name is Ferman,
I like to dance.
My name is Ferman,
I wear pants.
(lots of giggling)
My name is Ferman,
I drink juuuuice.
My name is Ferman,
There's no excuse.


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