Birthday weekend/Mother's Day/Dance Recital

I just experienced what has probably been the craziest, most exciting week of my life. My birthday usually falls around Mother's Day and that's nothing new, but this year it was also my sweet girl's very first big-time dance recital! It's what she worked for all year long. I was so preoccupied with taking care of the tons of little things required to get ready for such an event that I barely noticed my upcoming birthday.

We got up early that day and began preparations of getting Princess hair in curlers, charging the video camera, making last minute runs to Wal-Mart, etc. My parents were supposed to be coming any minute but they called and wanted us to just meet them at the restaurant where we were having lunch because they said they were running late. We got there and they had actually covered the place to the nines with birthday decorations. I had ballons, streamers, and a chocolate cake with, get this, blue & hot pink frosting! It couldn't have been more perfect. (If you want to make someone feel special on their birthday, get the details right, they are what matters because it shows that you know them, love them & really do care!) All of both our family were there, even my grandparents from Texas. I was overwhelmed to say the least. We enjoyed our lunch and most of all, the chocolate cake, and then I took off with Princess to do her make-up, get her costume on & get to the theatre in time.

We had 13 seats saved to cheer on our little dancing doll. When she came out for her opening number I struggled to hold the video camera still while snapping photos in the other hand and fighting the tears running down my face. It was a proud moment to say the least. She did so good! The Diva School of Dance really did turn our timid little girl into a star. My sister kept saying "Shannon!" and giving me this look of are you kidding me & I laughed and said I know! We really couldn't believe how precious the whole thing was! After the show she was led to the front to collect her gifts and her eyes lit up at the sight of all the roses, balloons, cards and candy. The best part is knowing she felt special, and loved and that we were so proud of her hard work. I feel so blessed by the Lord above! He has given me wonderful, loving parents, an amazing man to spend my life with, two precious angels, a best friend & little sister in one, fantastic in-laws.. and my cup runneth over from the JOY He spills into my heart. It just doesn't get much better on this earth. I know it's a tiny glimpse of Heaven to come.


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